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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Roger Reece, EI Coach

Emotional intelligence coaching is the most effective method of bringing about behavioral change in people. Roger Reece is an experienced behavioral coach and works with managers and employees at all levels. Our coaching programs are highly effective for:

  • Coaching managers, supervisers and employees with low EQs:
    Your human resources department may be familiar with these individuals. Their low EQ tends to get the HR department's attention in one way or another. These individuals may have disruptive behavior, and if they are in a supervisory role, the results can be far-reaching. Whether the individual is the CEO of your company or an entry-level employee, emotional intelligence coaching may be the right prescription.
  • Coaching leaders and team members as follow-up after an emotional intelligence training workshop:
    Ongoing emotional intelligence coaching after one of our workshops is the best way to assure lasting behavioral changes.
  • Providing coaching & training for individuals and small groups:
    If you have a group of fewer than 10 people, or if you would like to provide emotional intelligence training for one individual, a coaching workshop may be the answer. Coaching workshops are designed for individuals and small groups, and include coaching and training in one package - onsite or over the phone.

You Can Change Your Emotional State

Intense emotions can put you in a disempowering, unproductive state. Once you're in that state, what can you do about it?

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Roger Reece's emotional intelligence coaching programs are designed to help you to effectively manage your emotional states. Roger works with you one-on-one, in person or over the phone, to help you identify your states and learn to use the tools for changing your emotional states any time you want to be more resourceful and empowered.

Unresourceful Emotional States

Unresourceful state

Unresourceful states are induced by feelings such as depression, frustration, disengagement, upset, fear, anxiety and resentment. Sometimes there are major issues to be resolved, but resolving difficult issues requires resourcefulness and when you're in an unresourceful state, you're stuck.

Resourceful Emotional States

Accessing resourceful emotional states

Once you learn to identify and transform your unresourceful states into creative, resourceful states, you realize you are self-empowered to effectively confront and resolve problems and bring about positive change in your career and in your life.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Contact us for more information about how emotional intelligence coaching can help you or the members of your team.


Onsite Coaching & Telephone Coaching

We offer onsite coaching as well as telephone coaching programs. If you are looking at a concentrated program with maximum immediate results, we recommend a full-day onsite coaching workshop followed by telephone coaching sessions. If cost is an issue, you may want to consider a telephone coaching package. You can purchase a discounted telephone coaching package of 6 coaching hours or more, which you can schedule to fit the pace at which you would like to move.

Emotional intelligence coaching

All coaching is conducted by Roger Reece. Prior to the first coaching session, Roger will work with you to set preliminary objectives. During the first session, those objectives are expanded into a coaching plan, based on your need and the amount of time you would like to commit. Our onsite and telephone coaching programs can provide you with:

  • A thorough understanding of the principles and framework of emotional intelligence and EQ improvement
  • Feedback and coaching in the skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management
  • Tools for monitoring and managing emotional states
  • Tools for managing conflict, difficult situations and difficult people
  • Tools for converting emotional reactions into leadership responses
  • Coaching in solving specific problems and building relationships with your manager, co-workers, direct reports, customers, friends & family members
  • Coaching in changing disruptive, self-defeating and disempowering behavior patterns, such as anger, fear, avoidance, defensiveness, resentment, depression, passivity, lack of motivation, etc.
  • Coaching in emotionally-intelligent people-management skills
  • Career development coaching

Contact us for fees and additional information about our onsite and telephone coaching programs.

Coaching Workshops for Small Groups

What do you do when team members have unresolved issues and emotional barriers are affecting teamwork? Schedule an emotional intelligence coaching workshop (for groups of less then 10 people). Contact us and schedule a telephone conference with Roger Reece. Roger will ask you about the team, the problems, the history and sources of conflict. Based on the conversation, Roger will present you with options in terms of length and format. Then we will send you a detailed outline for the coaching workshop.

Your coaching workshop will include DISC Assessments and emotional intelligence training. More importantly, Roger will address the "elephant in the room." The problems the team has been experiencing will be openly discussed; and in a group-coaching context, actions for solving the problems will be outlined and agreed upon by the members of the team. Follow-up telephone coaching will generally be recommended for certain members of the team.

If you have tried to solve team relationship problems but the problems have persisted, consider an emotional intelligence coaching workshop.

Is Emotional Intelligence Coaching Expensive?

The answer depends on your perspective. When your managers, supervisors and key employees are unskilled in the way they deal with emotionally-charged issues, the cost is extremely high. The result is high turnover, lost customers, low morale and reduced productivity. And if you apply an ineffective solution because of its low cost (such as sending people to a canned public workshop), your money is wasted.

So how much does emotional intelligence coaching cost? Contact us today and we will send you an email with our full range of fees, including discounted telephone coaching packages. An emotional intelligence coaching workshop may be the best investment you will make in improving productivity in your organization.


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