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  • "Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Management" - Article by Roger Reece

    Roger Reece discusses emotional intelligence in relation to conflict management, and details the ways in which a high emotional intelligence EQ is vital to effectively resolving conflict. Roger reveals why effective emotional-intelligence training requires more than skill-building to raise EQ and manage conflict, but also to successfully reprogram the unconscious habits in participants that will sabotage their ability to utilize those skills in future conflicts. He details many of the ways to achieve this reprogramming in a training or coaching environment.

A better workplace, for better results

Roger Reece Seminars specializes in a wide range of skills to help you raise the collective standards of productivity and teamwork at your organization. We are dedicated to achieving lasting results of behavioral change in our training and coaching programs, in order to create a better working environment for your team and an improved bottom-line for your business.

  • WorkplaceBehaviorCoaching.com
    Individual coaching for managers and key employees, and coaching workshops for small groups at all levels in your organization. Behavioral-based coaching programs for skill-building, interpersonal communication, improving negotiation and conflict-management skills, and leadership development.

  • LeadershipDevelopmentWorkshops.com
    Leadership, management and new-supervisor training workshops. Emotional Intelligence training workshops. Executive coaching. Management consulting. Keynote presentations on Leadership.

  • Management-Training-Seminars.com
    Improving the people-management skills of managers and supervisors. Training seminars and coaching programs for new managers or established managers, to target areas of difficulty or build skills in specific areas.

  • ConflictManagementWorkshops.com
    Training in managing and resolving conflict and disruptive behavior. Workshops and coaching for managers and employees. Raising emotional intelligence and avoiding reactive behavior.

  • DifficultPeopleWorkshops.com
    Tools and strategies for working with difficult and disruptive people, in and outside of the workplace. Workshops to improve team ecology throughout organizations. Personalized coaching for individuals, and small-group coaching for management teams. Improving team ecology and building mutual respect.

  • TeamBuildingWorkshops.com
    Training workshops in building teamwork and becoming an effective team in the workplace. Team building activities and adventure outings. Coaching and 360° surveys for teams. Keynote presentations on building and motivating teams.

  • InterpersonalCommunicationWorkshops.com
    Training workshops in interpersonal communication skills for the workplace. Large and small group sessions. One-on-one communication-skills coaching and keynote presentations on improving workplace communication.

  • EmotionalIntelligenceWorkshops.com
    Training workshops and coaching in emotional intelligence and improving your emotional intelligence EQ. Rewiring your brain and breaking deep-seated emotional/reactive habit patterns. Focus on people-management and leadership skills for management teams, or on interpersonal skills for all employees.

  • CustomerServiceTrainingWorkshops.com
    Training workshops and presentations on customer service for groups of all sizes. Customer Experience Management and relationship management for long-term customer loyalty and retention. Skills-training for CSRs, and training on service to internal customers for all members of your team.

  • DISCtrainingworkshops.com
    Training workshops with DISC Behavioral Style Assessments. Training and coaching on personality types and behavioral styles, and how to work effectively with people of each style. DISC training certifications for coaches and training professionals.

  • StressManagementTrainingWorkshops.com
    Training workshops and keynote presentations on managing the internal and external sources of stress. Self-management tools for reframing stress reactions to maintain productivity and avoid the physical and psychological effects of chronic stress.

  • TimeManagementWorkshops.com
    Training workshops on personal and team productivity, stress management, time management and project management. Productivity coaching for individuals and teams. Keynote presentations on workplace productivity.

  • Life-Success-Coaching.com
    Life coaching and success coaching for individuals. Coaching for personal and professional development. Sessions conducted in person or by phone or Skype. Specializing in DISC Behavioral-Style and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

  • Work-Life-Balance-Workshops.com
    Learning to sustain long-term productivity, avoid burn-out and strengthen team ecology by balancing work pressures with teamwork, communication and conflict-management skills, managing stress and maintaining family and personal health goals. Training workshops and individual & small-group coaching at all levels of your organization.

  • EmbracingChangeWorkshops.com
    Managing stress and maintaining a positive outlook in the midst of restructuring, financial pressures, shifts in routine or other changes. Resetting expectations and reframing perspectives. Training workshops and presentations on transitioning through change, and helping others with their own change transitions.

  • CreativeThinkingWorkshops.com
    Boosting creative-thinking and problem-solving abilities across teams. Fostering innovation and strategic planning. Workshops and small-group coaching programs. One-on-one executive coaching. Presentations to spark creative thinking throughout your organization.

  • Presentation-Skills-Workshops.com
    Overcoming a fear of public speaking, improving presentation skills and learning to love being in front of a group. Becoming a more powerful and influential presenter in meetings, sales presentations and conferences. Training workshops and small-group & individual coaching programs.

  • SalesTrainingSeminarsAndWorkshops.com
    Training workshops on Relationship Selling and Consultative Selling. Coaching and consulting. Keynote presentations for sales meetings and events. Customized to the needs of your organization and the experience level of your salespeople. Basic Selling Skills 101 to advanced and specialized sales techniques.

  • FunMotivationalKeynoteSpeaker.com
    Humor and motivational keynotes with Roger Reece and his alter-ego, Buford P. Fuddwhacker.

  • RogerReeceSeminars.com
    Full range of training services.


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